5 Efficient methods to Cure Excessive Facial Sweating

Published: 28th January 2011
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You may be able to hide sweaty palms, sweaty feet, and sweaty armpits, literally every thing but a sweaty face. There is no way! Having excessive facial sweating is surely no joke. Sweat keeps trickling down your face and after a point its gets embarrassing. To make the scenario worse, you can even experience damp or dripping hair leading to an extremely uncomfortable hairdo along with a smelly head. You just keep dabbing your face or head but those droplets of sweat keep coming again and once more.

Don't worry, there fairly a few out there, who like you face this issue on a daily basis. Nevertheless you would be happy to know that there is a answer to this dilemma. Just pay attention to five small secrets which I will reveal to you and soon, you ought to be sweat free or at least, free of excessive sweating and the resultant BO. These cures would prove to be extremely effective and you will never have those beads of sweat on your face troubling you once more, I guarantee!

And here's the thing about facial sweat, applying a deodorant in excess on the facial region is not going to help one small bit when it comes to facial sweating. If you still plan to go ahead and apply the deodorant, you need to have to realize that your face is a very sensitive area and there are chances of breakouts of rashes, acne, dry patches and who knows what else. So for your benefit, I have listed five successful methods which have and will prove to be successful when it comes to handling this problem. These remedies are gentle and would begin giving you results immediately. So let's start our journey:

1.The Magic of Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar: It's incredible how these standard things can prove to be miracles to prevent excessive facial sweating. All you want to do is make a concoction of the two and ingest it orally. The proportion which needs to be mixed is two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with two teaspoons on organic, raw honey. Just consume this simple formula on empty stomach thrice a day, possibly half hour just before or after any meal. There you go; you will be surprised at the end outcomes!

2.Harness the Power of Activated Charcoal: This issue would treat the root of your dilemma. Outcomes are as quick as just two days and your complications just go away with the wind. You require to take the charcoal on a totally empty stomach. In case of any side effects like vomiting, just change the timing of your intake and the dilemma is solved. I can vouch for this home remedy. It is certain to work wonders.

3.Liquid chlorophyll and Sage Fluid Extract: Oh, this strategy is a tried and tested 1 and has proved to an outstanding remedy. All you require to do is mix one milliliters of sage extract and 1 teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll with your favorite fruit juice. So this tasty solution would truly cure your dilemma for life, I guarantee!

4.Tomato juice: I tell you, just begin a standard regime of drinking freshly grated tomato juice and you have sure made a conquest into your issue of excessive facial sweating.

5.Maxim Wipes: These are surely a winner but can truly be your last resort. These Maxim wipes are made specifically as a cure for excessive facial sweating. I am not positive about the chemicals they use but they certain work as a amazing astringent which helps in keeping the face dry. It's made by a organization in UK and quickly obtainable if you search on the internet. It is a wonderful method, but I would suggest you to use the other cheaper, quickly obtainable and proven techniques prior to venturing into this one.

These 5 excessive facial sweating cures are just the tip of the iceberg. If you Actually want to end excessive sweating, you Require to check out the top 12 Sweat Stopping Treatments at my site.

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